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The Gang Professionals Company is a Florida based organization started in 2009 by Gang Specialist Rusty Keeble; a former Gang Unit Commander and past Florida and National Gang Investigators Association President representing more than 20,000 gang professionals throughout North America.

The Gang Professionals Company headquarters, the “Gang Warfare Center”, is based in Central Florida and functions as an advanced independent gang training, networking, intelligence and consulting firm created to assist local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in obtaining and analyzing critical gang information. The Gang Warfare Center is also home to the nation’s first advanced National Gang Professionals Academy.

Mission Statement
The Gang Professionals Company will form a strategic partnership with local, state, federal and international law enforcement, juvenile justice, prosecutorial and correctional agencies to provide advanced resources that will better prepare those agencies to take an aggressive proactive stance towards combating gang proliferation and violence.

The vision of The Gang Professionals Company is to be the global leader in gang training, research, networking, analysis and operational assistance by setting the standards for gang professionals. The Gang Professionals Company will utilize its unconventional tactics, cutting edge technology, strategic partnerships and resources in order to achieve this vision.

The Gang Professional Company was founded in 2009 from almost two decades of experience, commitment and a personal sense of public service. We take seriously the fact that we are recognized as one of the world’s foremost gang training, intelligence, and consulting companies and have gained that recognition through our level of gang experience, quality of training, customer and community service as well as a commitment to public safety through innovative initiatives.

Our objective is to create a public safety company that all can be proud of, our law enforcement and public safety partners can benefit from and the public at large can be confident in knowing we are there to help protect their community. We are confident that, working together, we will build the most advanced gang professionals’ services company in the world.

Certain principles are so fundamental to our success that we would like to describe them in some detail. If we can adhere to these principles – and they are not in order of importance – we will reach our goal of becoming the world’s premier gang professionals’ services company.

Learn more about Our Principles.

Our Warrior Culture

Our Warrior Culture defines the attitudes and behaviors that will be required of us to win the war on gang violence. Some are destined to call 911; and others were destined to be 911. We represent those warriors who were destined to be societies Guard Dog protecting them from the Wolf.

Of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there; Eighty are nothing but targets;
Nine are real fighters….We are lucky to have them….They make the battle. 
Ah; but one; one of them is a Warrior….And he will bring the others back.

-Heraclitus (Circa 500 B.C.)


We work hard to create an open, interactive environment full of warriors who are serious about public safety, extremely talented, incredibly passionate, family-oriented, and equally dedicated to community service and knowing when to simply have fun.

Our culture is impacted by the varied backgrounds and dynamic personalities of our employees, instructors, and public safety partners, which is something that is felt whether at our headquarters or represented in the services and trainings we provide. One of the greatest successes we can have as a company is being able to create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their ideas and proposing new innovative ways to improve the resources we provide, the way in which we protect the public and how we run our business.

Our Commitment as Corporate Citizens

Our hard work is balanced by a commitment to community service. Throughout the year, our employees, partners and members support organizations and causes by dedicating their time and energy to create positive change in their local neighborhoods. We encourage and support this commitment to helping communities thrive by raising awareness, funds and volunteering our time to participate in service projects, causes and organizations around the country.

Now, more than ever, communities are relying on the private sector to share resources and help drive meaningful change. Our Founder, Rusty Keeble was taught early in life the value of public service. It’s this sense of service that carried him through almost 20-years in public safety and using his own resources to establish the Rusty Keeble Foundation. And now, it’s this commitment to community that is central to his vision of fostering this “culture of good” within the company’s DNA.

Executive Team
Honor / Integrity / Leadership / Teamwork / Knowledge

Rusty Keeble - GANGPRORusty Keeble, President / CEO / Founder

As President and CEO, Rusty leads the company with a constant focus on delivering the most advanced training and educational resources, aggressive strategy and comprehensive policy development and innovative networking and intelligence sharing solutions that increase agency effectiveness and officer safety. Rusty’s quest to reduce gang violence began in 1993 when he began his career with the Orange County Corrections Department in Orlando, Florida.

+ More about Rusty Keeble

The Gang Professionals Company is privately owned and is not actively seeking investors, at this time.

However, venture capitalist, private, angel and/or strategic investors may contact Rusty Keeble, President & CEO, if interested in discussing possible investment opportunities.


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